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A Guided Tour at the National Archaeological Museum in Florence

Tour guide in Florence

Guided tours in Florence for children, visit the Archaeological Museum with a licensed tour guide .

from 18o Euro

Price for private tour in Florence

A perfect tour for families and children! With a guided tour at the National Archeological Museum you will have a clearer idea of the origins of the city of Florence. Here you can see works of art dating back to the Etruscan, Greek and Roman time!
The heart of Florentine Archaeology? Within the Archaeological Museum, which holds many important Etruscan and Roman evidences discovered all along the Tuscan area, some direct proofs of our first local populations and other sections on past societies, such as the Egyptians and the Greeks.
During this tour, we will be able to see Egyptian mummies and pottery as well. Why should not discover together the weight of a Pharaoh’s heart?

 Come with us for a guided tour at the National Archeological museum, and watch the sarcophagus belonged to Larthia Seianti who has five rings in just one hand!

Do you even know the Chimera from Arezzo? It belongs to the Etruscan art and it is worth understanding how this smart population used the lost-wax-technique to create magnificent but terrifying creatures.

With the help of Pegasus, Bellerofonte was the only one who dared to fight against the Chimera, a mixture of a lion, a snake and a goat!

When talking about Florence, we immediately think about Lorenzo the Magnificent, Botticelli, Michelangelo and Leonardo, about that period during which Florence was the absolute centre of the Renaissance art.

The town is much more ancient, though. In 59 B.C. Julius Caesar decided to establish a castrum for his veterans on the Arno shores. By that time, Florence was a very small town, surrounded by square walls and with the two main streets crossing in Piazza della Repubblica.

We still have many evidences of this ancient part. You might go and look for the ancient walls along via del Proconsolo! You will find them under a beautiful shop.
Hidden by the majestic medieval Palazzo della Signoria, you can still find a part of the Roman theatre dating back to the 100s; furthermore, under the Baptistery of Saint John there are some ruins of an ancient Roman domus. A guided tour at the Archaeological Museum, suitable for both kids and adults, is a very good way to start discovering the past of a city we are used to looking at only through postcards and prints!

We are waiting for you for giving you a guided tour at the National Archeological Museum!

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