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Boboli Gardens Tour in Florence

Tour guide in Florence

Tour in Florence, visit the Boboli Gardens with a licensed tour Guide .

from 180 Euro

Price for private tour in Florence

Boboli is the garden belonged to the Pitti, Medici, Lorraine and Savoy families, on the other side of Palazzo Pitti. A guided tour into Boboli Gardens will lead us back to the first years of the Tuscan Grand Duchy, a wonderful example of Italian gardens among last-Renaissance works, beautiful fountains and alchemical routes of Buontalenti’s Large Grotto. The Boboli Gardens are as big as the Florence city centre and, if you look at the city map, you will see a green spot just under the Arno river. Well, if you love nature and gardens, this is the place for you!


The price is not per person but is referred to couples, families, or groups of friends up to 7 people. 

For larger groups please contact us for a quotation. 


The price does not include the cost of the ticket.  


A guided tour into the Boboli Gardens will allow you to discover the panoramic beauties of a private and familiar place first, and a sought touristic attraction after, with 800 thousand tourists per year who choose the Boboli Gardens to learn what an Italian-style garden means.

Grottoes, waterworks, natural arches and paths create a labyrinthine twist with wonderful views and hidden nooks. Getting lost into Boboli Gardens?

It is wonderful, for sure, but maybe it is more beautiful to perceive where we are and to realize the history and the art surrounding us.
At the beginning, the garden was called “Orto dei Pitti” for the name of the Pitty family, the first one who erected buildings in this area, out of the ancient walls of Florence.

A century later, in 1549, Eleonora di Toledo, wife of the first Medici Grand Duke, Cosimo I, bought this Orto and changed it into a wonderful garden..

Her son Francesco I made his friend and architect Buontalenti work on the garden. It was all a matter of creating astonishment, anybody in Florence had to be shocked.

A guided tour into the Boboli Gardens will not let you lose the details and the stories of those people who came there; you will understand what different needs the garden could accomplish, according to the period you lived in.

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