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Santa Maria Novella Tour in Florence

Tour guide in Florence

Tour in Florence, visit the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella with a licensed tour guide .

from 180 Euro

Price for private tour in Florence

Santa Maria Novella is one of the most important Dominican churches in Italy. Thanks to this guided tour, you will discover the Holy Trinity by Masaccio,  the great beauty of the frescos made by Ghirlandaio in the Tornabuoni chapel.
Santa Maria Novella is a real treasure of gothic architecture with many masterpieces of Giotto, Masaccio, Filippo Brunelleschi, Domenico del Ghirlandaio… 


The price is not per person but is referred to couples, families, or groups of friends up to 7 people. 

For larger groups please contact us for a quotation. 


The price does not include the cost of the ticket.  


Two Dominican friars, Fra Sisto and Fra Ristoro, made its initial project around 1270.

If the internal structure deeply reflects the Cistercian architecture, its façade is a perfect mixture among the gothic style, the Renaissance one and the typical colours of the Florentine Romanesque art.

Thanks to this guided tour, you will discover the Holy Trinity by Masaccio, father of the Renaissance painting, which was rediscovered thanks to a building renovation in the XIX century.

You will discover the great beauty of the frescos made by Ghirlandaio in the Tornabuoni chapel, which include some stories drawn back from the Bible and the Apocrypha, and full of portraits of the most popular Florentine artists of that time.
In the middle of the main nave, you will even contemplate the Crucifix made in 1288 by Giotto, the artist who translated painting from Greek to Latin; the Christ of Brunelleschi, a rare sculptural work Vasari talks about as a challenge in response to Donatello’s crucifix that was located in Santa Croce.

We will go through heaven and hell thanks to the frescoes by Nardo di Cione (300) to go back to the light of the Green Cloister and the Spanish Chapel, frescoed by Andrea di Buonaiuto.

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