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The medieval Florence City Tour

Tour guide in Florence

Tour in Florence, the medieval Florence, guided tour with an licensed tour guide.

from 18o Euro

Price for private tour in Florence



The Dantesque city of Florence was extremely dangerous.
Just try to imagine to live during an internal war developing everyday between two so close squares, that you could see your enemies just by looking out the window of your tower-house.
Within this guided tour in Florence, we will discover together the medieval era, by figuring what it meant to live during a period of battles and evolution as well, discovering Florence medieval features with the eyes of Dante, the Supreme Poet.


The price is not per person but is referred to couples, families, or groups of friends up to 7 people. 

For larger groups please contact us for a quotation. 


The price does not include the cost of the ticket.  


“Godi, Fiorenza, poi che se’ sí grande,
che per mare e per terra batti l’ali,
e per lo ‘nferno tuo nome si spande!
Tra li ladron trovai cinque cotali
tuoi cittadini onde mi ven vergogna,
e tu in grande orranza non ne sali.”

Dante Alighieri,  La Divina Commedia

A war between two groups, the Guelphs and the Ghibellines, a false political war, since the economic control of the city was the real reason who moved the soldiers, and not their devotion to the Pope or the Emperor.

The Florentines were and still are artisans and merchants, and in the XI century this meant the power of arts.

The seven main arts, together with the derivative fourteen arts, got to acquire such a power in Florence, that the Florentine people were the main buyers during the XIII century.

Fiorenza begins to blossom in 1000, but the XIII and XIV century are full of art and literature as well. That was the era of Dante, father of the Italian language; of the most beautiful Florentine churches and basilica; of Humanism with

Petrarca and Boccaccio; of Giotto, “the artist who translated painting from Greek to Latin”, of the war between Guelphs and Ghibellines, of arts power; the era of an incredible political and cultural ferment. We could say the town of Florence did know what it would have faced later: the Renaissance golden era.

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