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Loves and Hates Tour in Florence

Tour guide in Florence

Tour in Florence, Love and Hates, an unusual tour with a licensed tour guide.

from 18o Euro

Price for private tour in Florence

The loves and hates tour in Florence will lead you through the dramas of the Medici Family and the poisons and assassins available in Florence centuries ago.
Gossips and mysteries from the past.
This tour will show you the dark passions of a city with terrifying implications, which make Florence far away from the souvenir photos and the magnificent aura that make it so popular worldwide, by making it even more attractive, if possible.
You are ready?


The price is not per person but is referred to couples, families, or groups of friends up to 7 people. 

For larger groups please contact us for a quotation. 


The price does not include the cost of the ticket.  


Think about Florence. The golden Arno valley kissed by the sun, the beautiful hills with vineyards and olive trees, its art, history, and science.

Maybe you have never thought that Florence is well equipped to make more than one horror movie!

Come with us, we will lead you back to the day when Lawrence the Magnificent died, when the Florentines had more than one good reason to get scared!

And why did someone try to kill Lorenzo but just got the body of his brother Giuliano? What did the ‘crazy’ Pazzis do?

What did it mean to fight against the Medicis during the Easter mass in 1478?

What happened to those that conspired against them? At least, their bodies were of use to a great artist, a beginner in design, but a genius already!

Within the Loves and Hates Tour, we will be walking along the central streets, through the buildings where wrong-doers were imprisoned into and killed, sometimes after being tortured. How did condemnations work in Florence? Was justice always a guarantee? Do you even know Girolamo Savonarola, a Dominican friar from Ferrara? Why this same friar who tried to fight against Church corruption was ‘happily’ hanged and burnt?

What did Lorenzaccio do with his relative Alessandro? Well, the thirst of power sometimes blew someone’s mind.

Like Cellini the sculptor, a complicated character for sure; the Guelphs and the Ghibellines who split after love-and-hate battles who change the history of Florence for many centuries.

Let’s go to see where all of it began! An interesting and dangerous love affair took place in our city, too, between Francesco I de’Medici and the beautiful copper-haired and white-skinned Venetian woman, Bianca Cappello. In this guided tour, we would like to tell you about them, too.

She was very attractive, maybe guilty of murder, victim for sure of some events that led her and her lover to death. Was it a poisoning?

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